Device forming 4-flap cardboard boxes
Bottom Taper
Machine for gluing cardboard boxes

Case Erector forms 4 flap cardboard boxes, also known as (RSC) Regular Slotted Container, FEFCO 0200 and FEFCO 0201

The device takes cardboard boxes from the repository with the use of suction cups, preparing the cardboard for molding.
After unfolding, the bottom flaps of the cardboard box are closed and sealed with Hot Glue applicators or with the Tape Sealing adhesive tape.
High efficiency and small size allow the device to be used when expanding existing production lines or as a stand-alone device.

Characteristic of the machine

  • comprehensive execution of stainless steel - acid-resistant AISI-304
  • a compact device with a capacious repository of cardboard boxes
  • automatic system for picking up and forming cardboard boxes
  • built-in function of sealing the bottom of the cardboard box with self-adhesive tape
  • adjustment points equipped with knobs, quick release handles
  • Human Machine Interface: Colour touch screen display
  • Convenient to use HMI-Lino interface
  • capacity up to 15 boxes per minute


  • signaling the lack of cardboard boxes in the repository
  • signaling the lack of tape
  • acoustic signaling of emergency states
  • sealing with Hot Glue applicators

case-erector spec sheet for download

more details in the catalog