Filling Machine

Dosing with inductive flow measurement - IPP

It is a particularly economical process for electrically conductive products (conductivity > 50µS/cm).

Each nozzle has its own flow meter, which allows separate compensation for the flow of each individual filling point.

The linear structure completely eliminates the format parts and thus enables fast and inexpensive conversion of a large number of different containers. A large number of control and regulation functions that are adapted to your products and containers optimize the filling process and ensure that filling is always precise and fast.

Technical Specifications:

  • container sizes: from 20 to 25,000 ml
  • capacity: up to 150 per minute
  • from 2 to 8 pouring nozzles
  • container diameter: from 20 to 250mm
  • container height: from 20 to 400mm
  • container width: from 20 to 250mm

main features:

  • filling below the mirror level and above the mirror level
  • almost maintenance-free and non-wearing parts
  • CIP / SIP cleaning
  • high flexibility