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Whether you are looking for a robot, pick & place device or a collaborative palletiser, we have a solution for you.

All our palletizers, apart from being compact in size, which saves a lot of space, are also competitively priced.

In addition to palletizing lines, we also build combo packaging lines with automatic stacking and loading into cardboard boxes, closing cartons, labeling and palletizing.


Whether you want to set up a completely new palletizing operation or rethink your current standard palletizing solution, we are here to help you get started with a fully automated end-of-line system. We can integrate ABB robots, COMAU openROBOTICS or Codian Robotics multi-axis arms which are known for their speed and reliability


Our portal palletizer is a perfect device for companies that need an ultra-compact palletizing solution. Fast change and speeds of up to 50 pieces per minute ensure your product is ready for shipment quickly and efficiently. Increase your productivity without cluttering your production space!


Both our vertical and horizontal cartoners can work with one or more robotic cells to accommodate highly demanding packaging designs, complex packaging applications or speed requirements. There is a wide range of applications for automated packaging: automatic cardboard boxes folding, loading into cartons and palletizing. End-of-arm tooling and grippers are compatible with the specific packaging application to increase speed and accuracy. From design and prototyping to the integration and maintenance of robotic packing systems, we are able to understand and solve any packaging challenge with multi-axis robot arms from industry-leading robot manufacturers such as ABB, COMAU, Codian. Depending on the needs of the project, we can integrate automatic or manual tool changers to achieve smooth transitions between the various functions of the robot. The greatest advantage of robotic packing systems over traditional mechanical solutions is a kind of versatility.

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We closely follow innovations in the field of robotics. In addition, we design, program and develop complex robotic systems and various modern solutions using robots on our own.

In the processing and packaging industry, many robotic solutions enable a more efficient and high-quality production process.

Pick and place modules - fully automatic pick-up, moving and positioning of the product.

“Our robotic solutions are effective, ingenious and varied. Thanks to our knowledge in the field of software, engineering and automation, we can create solutions tailored to individual needs.”

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