Carton and Tray Former

Servo Carton and Tray Former
Servo Shuttle Glue Carton Former

Device for forming and gluing boxes and trays
made of corrugated, multi-layered or solid cardboard.

The former will find applications in bakeries, confectionery, frozen foods, fruit, and consumer goods.

Options for various cardboard boxes sizes, packaging styles and inspection provide unmatched flexibility to meet current and future production requirements.


Up to 70 cycles per minute in single or dual head configuration

The use of three servo motors eliminates chain linking and reduces maintenance

Variable speed regulation allows you to adjust the production pace

You can control the machine and adhesive with Integrated HMI operator interface only


Discharge conveyor

Additional forming heads

Adhesive system options

Extended repository of a flat stock

Formiarka tacek, kartonów z płaskiej przygotówki